The area typifies rustic, gourmet Normandy cuisine. Weekly food markets, local calvados, traditional wood burning bakeries, fantastic local seafood and dairy produce mean you’ll probably end the week heavier than when you started.

The area is abundant with high quality restaurants and informal cafes. Below is a list of some of the best.


Goeland (The Seagull) Beachfront 15 minutes walk from The Beach House. Very basic and rustic bar situated in a WWII style concrete bunker on the cliff top over looking the beach. If you like drinking a cool beer and watching windsurfers and children building sand castles then this is for you. Hot chocolate and ice cream will keep the little ones happy.

St Vaast

This bustling port just across the bay from the Beach House contains several good restaurants, as well as more informal cafes and bars. Every Saturday morning there is a lively local food market with delicious fresh produce.

You can’t miss a trip to the famous epicerie, grocery and wine shop of Maison Gosselin. It’s Normandy’s answer to Fortnum and Mason. Many sail over from England just to stock up from the treasures of his Wine Cave. He will even deliver to your boat.

Tel: 02 33 54 40 06

Le Chasse Marée - Restaurant

Intimate, first rate and up-market fish restaurant.
8 Place du General -de- Gaulle.

Tel: 02 33 23 14 08

La Marina - Cafe bar/restaurant

Relaxed atmosphere and child friendly. Outdoor seating, weather permitting. Situated right on the harbour, so you can watch the sailboats come and go as you enjoy your food. A family favourite.

8 Quai Commdt Albert Paris, 50550.

Tel: 02 33 54 55 38

The Fuchsias - Hotel/Restaurant

Up-market and expensive (by local standards). Delightful locale, including charming flowered courtyards for afternoon tea or leisurely drinks, al fresco.

20 Rue Marechal Foch.

Tel: 02 33 54 42 26

Le Debarcadere - Cafe bar/restaurant

Casual, family friendly with indoor and outdoor seating. Great pizzas to eat in or take-away.

Place de Gaulle.

Tel: 02 33 54 43 45

Criée du Tomahawk - Restaurant

Fabulous place for a simple fish lunch. 12 tables set out across from the fish counter selling whatever the boat brings in that day as a special.

1 bis quai de Tourville,
50550 St Vaast La Hougue.

Tel: 02 33 54 09 08

Le Cabestan - Bar/bistro

Harbour front, family friendly.

Tel: 02 33 44 24 98


Café De France - Bar/restaurant

Possibly the best Moules, Frites and Biere in the region. Food is served in the exquisite pottery of local artist Le Fevre - his studio shop is open in the afternoon from 3pm. The best selections are normally available after his firings on Tuesdays. Shut on Wednesday. You can't book tables outside, so turn up early to avoid dissapointment.

12, quai Henri Chardon.

Tel: 02 33 54 00 38

Chez Buck - Creperie/bistro

Simple, but good.

25, quai Henri Chardon.

Tel: 02 33 23 12 44


Auberge du Pont Cochon - Restaurant

Really good pasta and other dishes with great service.

LaCroix des Frenes.
Flottemanville – Bocage

Tel : +33.(0)2 33 04 46 08

L’Agriculteur - Authentic French hotel/restaurant

Wonderful local produce.

8 rue Léopold Delisle 50700 Valogne.

Tel: 02 33 95 02 02

La Forge D’Yvetot – Creperie/pizzeria

Old blacksmiths forge with enormous open fireplace. Great for steaks and chops cooked over the fire, pizzas and savoury crepes.

Tapotin, 50700 Yvetot-Bocage

Tel: 02 33 40 13 01

Barneville Carteret

Hotel Marine

Best restaurant around Barnville carteret. One hour's drive on the other side of the Cotentin Peninsula.

11 rue Paris 50270 Barneville Carteret

Tél : 02 33 53 83 31

But it’s rivalled by Le Cap hotel/restaurant.
Excellent, very busy with great atmoshphere.

Promenade Abbe-leboutellier (sur le port), 50270 Barneville- Carteret

Tel: 0233 53 85 89

La Pernelle

La Panoramique - Bar/restaurant

La Panoramique, as the name suggests this is set on a cliff top with panoramic views sweeping across La Manche. This family run restaurant offers a mix of high end and more casual local dishes.

The prominent sheer sided ridge on which the Restaurant is perched caught the eyes of the Germans in World War II. They installed an observation post, which is still there, and a long dismantled gun battery that in June 1944 caused trouble to the US troops landing at Utah Beach. It was the site of a huge annual fair in mediaeval times and a pilgrimage site. A grotto with an image of the Virgin of Lourdes was installed in the 1920s.

1 village de L’Eglise, 50630 La Pernelle.

Tel: 02 33 54 13 79


La Chaumiere - Hotel/restaurant

Conventional, medium priced, family friendly.

6 place de Gaulle 50630 Quettehou.

Tel: 02 33 54 14 94


Chateau de Quineville - Hotel/restaurant

Beautifully restored 17th Chateau famous for being the place where James II saw his hopes for the English throne go up in smoke, literally, when the French fleet was torched by the British and Dutch. Family friendly, authentic French cuisine. Very well run. Outdoor pool.

18 Rue de l'Eglise, 50310 Quineville.

Tel : 02 33 21 42 67

Beach Bar

By the beach, opposite the museum. Great for saucisses/frites. Open in summer.

Utah Beach

Chez Roger - Restaurant, Le Grand Vay

Rustic, happy and Gallic. Great for a celebration 30 minutes drive along the coast, past Utah Beach to Le Grand Vay. You eat whatever the chef wants to cook, usually this is a combination of melt in your mouth local lamb, freshly caught lobster and moules. Always book. Not always open.

Tel: 02 33 71 57 65


Activities, restaurants and sites are detailed in the house information book. In addition there is a very supportive and comprehensive tourist information center in St.Vaast with details of other ad hoc activities including summer concerts, art exhibitions, fireworks etc.